Global Premier is a CFD broker that provides trading solutions sophisticated enough for  veteran traders, yet simple enough for less experienced traders.

Our goal is to assist retail and institutional investors in using forex and other instruments as  an asset class and part of their investment objectives. We strive to offer the best trading  platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and  exceptional client support.

Global Premier offers direct access to multiple destinations of liquidity in the forex markets  without the usual burdens of a deal desk that had previously been unavailable to the retail  investor. 

WE are traders, so we understand what a TRADER needs. 

Created by traders, for traders, our trading platforms offer liquidity and spreads that have  previously been only available, in general, to institutional clients such as banks and hedge  funds. Unlike some rival firms using obsolete technologies, our systems are built on the  latest technology. 


We think you will notice the difference - we are fast, reliable and efficient. 

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