About Us

Global Premier is a unique online brokerage dedicated to providing traders with all they need in order to maximize their profits. Founded in 2011 by a group of highly experienced capital market experts, Global Premier has quickly gained popularity and earned a well-deserved reputation for providing clients with a wide range of top class trading services in a unique way designed to ensure each and every trader has access to advanced trading aids as well as expert support. Our traders enjoy conditions which allow them to become highly successful traders quickly and easily.

Our Traders Do Better

Global Premier's founders joined forces to create our unique online brokerage with one thing in mind, to offer online trading services in a way that was not yet available, one designed with the traders' interests first and foremost. This vision guides all of our activities to this day. We are constantly working to evolve along with the diverse arena of online trading, all the while making sure that our traders have access to the most cutting-edge technology as well as finest support provided by highly successful traders, all with well proven records of long term large scale profit generation.

Maximizing Your Potential

There's good reason why our client base growth rate has been gaining momentum from day one. Every trader hopes to find an online brokerage which gives them a boost, one where things are done differently, in an unbeatable professional manner, putting the traders' interests first, ahead of any other considerations. With over 200,000 traders actively using our services daily we can wholeheartedly claim that our efforts have been fruitful. Still, we never let our guard down, our goal is an ongoing one and we have teams working on nothing but keeping us at the very top of our field, all to your benefit.

Staff Dedicated to Best Serve You

At Global Premier we know that being a leading online brokerage demands that our staff be made up of highly dedicated, top of their field professionals. Candidates undergo careful screening, we hire only those which are head and shoulders above the rest. This careful staffing process has led up to us being able to provide our traders with personal support in a class of its own.

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Global Premier LTD company with registered address Beachmont Business Centre, Suite 88 PO BOX 1510, Beachmont KingstownSt Vincent and the Grenadines.

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