GlobalPremier FAQs

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How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

The withdrawal process is simple, and we are obligated to complete processing it within 7 business days. Placing a withdrawal order is done from your trading account's user interface. You may be required to download a withdrawal form to fill out and send back (via fax or email).

Funds withdrawn from trading accounts are transferred in the same manner they were deposited, i.e. when funds are deposited through the use of a credit card the amount withdrawn will be credited to the same card used to make the deposit. With accounts into which funds are deposited by wire transfer withdrawals will be wire transferred into the same bank account as the one deposits are made from.

How are additional deposits made?

What is the fee for making a trade?

What is an ECN account?

What is the recommended duration for a trade?

How are profits made from interest differences?

Can I close a trade manually even if the take profit limit or stop loss limit have not been reached?

Can I close a trade only partially?

What does 'lock profit' mean and how is it done?

What is a future trade and how is it executed?

What are the benefits offered for hedging?

What is a margin call and under what conditions is one triggered?

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